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Incanto is extremely proud to offer you the entire line of Incanto Italian furniture. The quality and value of Incanto modern living room furniture is superb. Incanto is commited to making furniture that stirs your emotions with its exquisite quality, expert design and superlative build quality. Incanto blends traditional methods of furniture making with recent innovations in technology to bring you the highest quality contemporary Italian sofas and chairs possible.

Incanto sofas are created through a meticulous four-step process beginning with their design team forming a concept and then making a series of gradually improving drawings and plans until the piece is as close to perfection as possible. The new design is then carefully realized by Incanto’s master woodworkers as a solid wooden frame. Next, various types of padding and seat coverings are implemented in stages until the perfect balance of comfort, design and style is reached. Finally, highly trained furniture builders craft the final product using high precision methods to guarantee an unsurpassed level of quality. carries everything in the Incanto modern living room catalogue including the B483 sofa and chair, the B600 sectional, the B629 sectional and the I417 chair. We also have The Incanto I416 sofa, I395 chair and the I419 chair, as well as everything else Incanto makes. Giovanni Sforza, President and chief designer of Incanto has said that he believes that “design is a mix of personal preference, style and choice.” We at City Schemes Contemporary Furniture believe the same thing. With and Incanto, you will find the best modern furniture Italy has to offer at wonderful prices and with exceptional service.

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. I524 Sofa
I524 Sofa

$ 4725.00

. B483 Sofa
B483 Sofa

$ 3431.75

. B572 Chair
B572 Chair

$ 1912.75

. B630 Sectional
B630 Sectional

$ 4847.50

. I395 Chair
I395 Chair

$ 1821.75

. B483 Chair
B483 Chair

$ 2353.75

. I457 Chair
I457 Chair

$ 2063.25

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